• The story of Lucas bjerregaard

    I was born and raised in Frederikshavn and this is also where I have taken my education. I have been doing sports from a young age. My grandad is from Czech Republic where he has been a respected hockey coach for many years. He has coached different national teams and several teams in Denmark. So when I was 2 years old I got my first pair of skates. I played hockey for several years but I didn't have talent for it so I quit and since then I have tried all kinds of sports. In 2001 my dad took me to the golf course. I was hooked from the beginning and quickly I realized that I had a talent for this sport.Golf became a hobby and then a life stile on which I spent all my time.

  • Don't wish for it work for it

    I have always learned to be disciplined about my sport and to follow my dream. My practice day starts in the morning with a run and then I visit the gym, and the rest of the day I practice golf.

  • Player of the year Ecco Tour 2012

    He won the World Championship in Japan in 2010, European Amateur in 2010, Silver at World team Championship in 2010. In 2011 he had his debut at The Open, and in 2011 he won the Ecco Tour Qualification to 2012. This year he has 13 top-10 finishes and 2 victories on Nordic League and has earned almost 400.000 DKK. This year he was the winner of Nordic Golf League and also the winner of the ECCO Tour order of merit – Backtee Race to Himmerland. A completely amazing season and therefor Lucas Bjerregaard is a crystal clear choice as the Ecco Tour Player of the Year 2012